Coaching Cafe CCEU Series

Friday 7th February

Midday, Melbourne Time

‘Nothing that I’ve ever achieved has come without consistent application until I achieve the result.’ 

It was a powerful statement that I made recently that really caused me to stop and reflect. Upon reflection I discovered that times when I haven’t achieved what I wanted, were times characterised by procrastination and intermittent effort. The other thing that I noticed that gets in the way is the pursuit of perfection, over consistency. To be honest, it can lead to ‘giving up too early’ if things aren’t perfect.

Therefore, consistency is a big theme that I have been focusing on this year – consistency in everything I do – eating, exercising, coaching, connecting with people, talking with my team, following through on major projects – the list goes on.

Join us for our Coaching Café where will we explore the theme of pursuing consistency, rather than perfection.

Your presenter:

Natalie Ashdown - MCC

CEO, Open Door Coaching

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